Vision Control Solutions (VCS) is now part of the Rutherford Group. VCS is a provider of Electrical and Mechanical services to Mining and industry and has the following accreditations;
·         ISO 9001:2008 Quality system. QEC24187
·         MP87.2 for the Overhaul of Exd and Exe protected enclosures and components. ANZEx SF10.1006
·         NSW Department of industry and investment licensed.
·         Audited to MP87.1 for the manufacture of Exd enclosures and components
Our Mining services include support to both Underground and Open cut mining operations to both Australian and International companies. Services provided to industry include support to councils, manufacturing and water industries.
We have specialist personnel dedicated to providing the highest level of service and quality to our customers and is expanding in its services due to these qualities and is subsequently increasing its customer base at an accelerating rate. Our rapid growth reflects our success in delivering results.
We are committed to exceptional performance in every aspect of our projects. Through our personnel, experience, management systems and costs control we provide effective solutions without compromising quality.
Our recent acquisition of LJH Electrical Mining has expanded our knowledge base, experience and product range.